Where Will We Meet?

I am happy to meet with you at your centrally located, upscale hotel or private residence. Incall meetings in Montreal, with a duration of 3 hours or less, will be hosted at an upscale condo located in the heart of downtown (Berri UQUAM Metro) or in the Mile End (Metro Laurier). All international calls and Montreal incalls over 3 hours will be hosted at a luxury downtown hotel suite, when available.

Do You Offer Travel Arrangments or Fly Me To You?

As someone who is passionate about exploration, I set off on personal adventures often, and would be happy to travel to your city, or set off on an adventure together. I offer special rates for extended travel and fly me to you arrangments, inquire difectly to plan our escape. I will gladly take care of our travel arrangments, or let you take the reigns. You are responsible for my travel expenses, paid in full before my flight is purchased, as well as a 50% deposit on travel & FMTY bookings.

How Do You Prepare/ Present For A Date?

I put a great deal of time and effort into preparing for our meeting. From maintaining my appearance to preparing for our meeting, I put a great deal of effort into creating a unique experience for every encounter. It takes me 2-3 hours to prepare for a date, so I am seldom available for short notice encounters. I present myself for dates in a classy- casual style, while always remaining appropriately dressed for the environment of our encounter.

Are You All Natural? Have You Had Any Cosmetic Enhancements?

I have never had an elective procedure, and I do not plan to get any in the near future. The only body modifications I have are some small- medium artistic tattoos, which are not visible under my street clothes; I make a point of arriving to dates with my tattoos concealed.

Why Are Your Rates So Much Higher Than Local "Market Price"?

Put simply, I want to make the time I spend on dates is worth while; I do this for my pleasure, as well as yours. As an independent companion, choosing to see a relatively low volume of clients, I work hard to create a genuine and bespoke experience for everyone I choose to meet, which takes time far beyond what we spend together. In order to balance my professional, personal, and companionship lives, I need to keep my rates at a place where I feel I am being properly compensated for my time. Since elevating my rates, I have narrowed my client base to those who are genuinely interested in seeing me, and aren't just after a quick sexual encounter or list of acronyms.

If you're unavailable, or you're not my type, can you reccomend another companion?

While I cannot specifically reccomend any companions at this time, I reccomend taking a look through Indycompanion Montreal.

Do you offer duos, if so, who with?

Yes, I love duos! I am usually willing to work with your reccomendation, or if you have a specific fantasy in mind, I can reccomend a friend of mine. *Please note that I am unable to accommodate duos with providers on shift at an agency. If you would like to see me with a provider employed by an agency, you will need to arrange our meeting with them as an independent provider.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

I require a 50% cancellation fee, transferable towards our next meeting, if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice. If you fail to accommodate my cancellation fee, it will result in a ban from seeing me in the future.

I notice you feature reviews from clients on your website, can I review you on the boards?

I have worked very hard to maintain a flawless reputation and compile an extensive list of wonderful reviews. At this point in my companionship journey, I have had too many negative experiences with review board culture, and I respect my boundaries and my privacy, too much to allow for review board posts regarding me. If you would like me to publish your account of an experience with me, you may contact me directly.

I'm having a tough time isolating and would like to meet you, are you available?

I am currently available for a limited amount of meetings with select clients who pass my rigorous health screening process.

I met you before your most recent rate increase, will I be grandfathered in at your old rates?

Clients who met with me in 2019, before my rate increase, are grandfathered in to my previous rates for 1 year from our last meeting at my previous rates.


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